Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites - Halloween edition!

Happy Halloween!  I hope you and your family enjoy lots of trick-or-treating fun tonight!!! I've got a few Friday Favorites with a Halloween twist (well, mostly!). :)

*favorite memories - I love looking at old pictures!  Couldn't let this moment pass me by without a trip down memory lane!  
 Halloween 2005 - yes, Mike and I dressed up as Dora and Diego!  Oh, the things 
we do for our kiddos!  But, seriously - those cuties on the right!!!
Halloween 2006 - These two super heroes are still best buddies!
Halloween 2007
Halloween 2008
 Halloween 2009
Halloween 2010
 Halloween 2011 - and possibly my most favorite Halloween costume picture.ever!
Halloween 2012
Halloween 2013
*favorite candy - Not as good as the Reese's Easter Eggs but definitely a close second!
It's not one of my finer moments but I have been known to dig through my kid's candy bags and pull all these out for my secret stash!  :)  

*fun class parties - I love going to the kiddos schools for class parties!  Yesterday was Trunk or Treat at Hope's school.  The room moms in her class had two stations - Candyland and Under the Sea.  It was so cute and the kiddos had a blast!

Loved watching my Aggie cheerleader come through with all her friends!  And, my pj's from Dylan's Candy Bar were the perfect attire to hand out candy in Candyland!
Today will be the first - last party of Holden's elementary school years.  I love helping out with class parties and will really soak up these last few!  Her teacher mentioned that she wanted the kids to decorate cookies but as soon as I saw this, I knew we needed to do cupcakes instead!  :)  
Parties only last about 30 minutes - phew!  It goes by extremely fast when you try to fit in a few fun stations, a game or two, and a snack!  But, we managed to do it and I'm pretty sure the kiddos had a blast!  Here are a few pics from their madness super fun "fall" party!

super excited by how cute the cupcake station turned out!
a few pics of what the kiddos created with all the goodies!
her shirt is, oh, so true!!!
 mummy wrapping your friends is always fun!
And, their teacher decided to surprise them today by telling them she's pregnant!  So fun!
*favorite Halloween crafts- I shared more pics here but thought it deserved one more mention!

*fabulous mid week road trips - Last night Shelly and I headed to Waco for an amazing evening with Joanna Gaines (yes, THAT Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Uper).  I love when you meet someone in person and they are so real.  She loves Jesus and is open and honest (and extremely humble) about how He has blessed them.  She encouraged us to really think about our hopes and dreams and to have the courage to do them - even if we fail.  I went thinking we were going to hear about decorating (which we did) but came out with my heart full!

before we headed to the workshop, we had to stop by The Magnolia Market - too bad they closed early today!
Chip is seriously just as nice as he seems on the show.  While we were waiting to get in, he went through the whole line to take pictures and tell everyone how glad he was that we were there.
 These little extras put the biggest smile on my face!  These will be perfect for #30daysofThanksandGiving!

Just a reminder - 30 days of Thanks and Giving starts tomorrow!  You can read more about it here!

Here's hoping for lots of treats and no tricks tonight!

Gig 'em and God bless!
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  1. Seriously...I really do think that Octopus picture is my all time fave! I was disappointed to see no Mad Hatter & Alice in this blog...haha. So glad we had a day was a fun event but even better having some uninterrupted time to catch up!

  2. Bahaha! This is a family friendly blog! No Alice pics here! :)

    Love, love, LOVED our GNO!!! We seriously need to do that again soon!!!


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