Monday, October 13, 2014

serving starts at home

Today's Make a Difference Monday is a personal one for me.  Many times service projects are a way to show kindness to a stranger or show love to a group of people that you will never even meet.  It's no secret that those are precious to me but today I'm reminded that answering the needs of my family will always be my most important service project.

Let me introduce you to my son, Colby.  He's twelve years old and in the 7th grade.  And, well...he's twelve!  I feel like we have a bi-polar relationship - either loving each other like there's no tomorrow or wanting to poke each other's eyes out.  Moms, please tell me you know what I'm talking about!  These years are tough and, unfortunately, I don't get to publicly love on him enough because every time we do something or take a picture, it's always followed by, "mom, don't post that".  But, since he's not following my blog I can share some of my favorite pics of the two of us!
This is Colby and I in the summer of 2006.  He has a heart of gold!  Even as a young boy he knew how to make my day!  He knew how much I loved fresh flowers so (almost) every trip to the grocery store with his dad meant fresh flowers for me!
Celebrating Halloween 2008 at his school party.
August 2010 - The day he became a big brother for the second time.  He was the first one through the hospital doors after Hope was born.  These pictures still bring tears to my eyes!

Summer 2012 - Scootin' around the A&M campus working on a project for his sister (that we sadly never finished)
And, this is us today!  How many moms of tweens can relate to this?!

OK - now that you know a little bit about Colby, here is the real reason for this post.  As I said earlier, Colby is in the 7th grade and that's the first year that boys in our school district can play football.  He splits time as the quarterback and is also responsible for kick offs and PATs.  Could he pick positions with more visibility?!  They've played four games so far and up until this week, he's had pretty good games.  Always something to work on, but he's come away feeling good.  
Then comes last Monday's game.  Let's just say...things didn't go so good.  Dropped snaps, fumbled hand offs, and a sack that resulted in a fumble that was returned for a touchdown just to name a few.  Ouch!  Colby knew he was off, we knew he was off, and some very loud spectators sitting around us knew that he was off.  He was taking it hard - I could tell from his body language.  As I sat in the stands and listened to people (really just a couple of men with VERY loud voices) yell "pull him, coach", "put in someone else", and "put someone else in that wants the ball" this mama's heart was hurting.  I texted a friend and asked for prayers - I needed it and so did my boy.  The game went on and he eventually got his groove and even went two for two on extra points but when the game was over and he blew past us to head to the bus, I thought my mom heart was going to split in two.  I know that he was worried that if he stopped he might show some emotion and I get that.  But, I've been thinking all week what I could do to let him know that we are in his corner rain or shine, good or bad, win or lose.  And then I got a timely blog post from Lysa TerKeurst!  So, I decided to put sticky notes everywhere he might see them before he leaves for his game later today.  I'm hoping that if things aren't going great (or even when they are!) that he will remember a few of the things that were posted around his room.  He knows that this won't be his only bad game.  We talked about how your attitude after a bad performance shows more of the type of person you are than when you have had the game of your life.  I'm just hoping to give him some mental ammunition when the voice of doubt creeps in.  

So, while I am always up for blessing others, it's equally as important that I bless my family.  Lord, give me the eyes to see when my peeps need a little extra from me.  I don't want a chance to go by that I don't love them the way they need to be loved. Because serving starts at home.

I would love to know your favorite ways that you bless your family!

Gig 'em and God bless!


  1. I LOVE this post...especially taking a trip back in time with you to see your relationship with Colby grow & change! You are so right...blessing others is amazing, but blessings at home is where it all starts! Prayers for today's game!!

    1. Thank you! It's tough on mamas to watch their boys grow up! Seems like yesterday that he was the little boy in my arms. I appreciate the prayers too! Hoping and praying for a positive game! :)

  2. I totally meant to share this with you when I read it over the weekend. We all want our kids to do their best when they are in the spotlight and watching them struggle is so tough. As proud as I've ever been about my kids play on the field I know the things I've seen them do off the field have filled more pride in my heart. Sweet Colby's biggest challenge is going to be his fear of letting others down.....but I am positive God provided just the perfect mom to lead him through it!

    1. This article is awesome! Exactly what I try to say but mine doesn't come out as eloquently! Definitely sharing with Mike and Colby. I think we all struggle with people pleasing - not necessarily a bad thing if we don't let it consume us. No one wants to let down their team. As long as your heart is right - nothing else matters. Thanks again, friend!

  3. His face in the 4th picture is too much! What a great kid!

  4. And those sweet folded hands! He couldn't wait to get ahold of her and still loves to carry her around! He is a pretty neat kid - I have to remind myself of that when I want to ring his neck! ;)


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