Monday, October 6, 2014

start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

OK, so I think I've decided to make Mondays - Make a Difference Monday!  What do you think?!  I'll post super easy ways that we can all make a difference with items we have laying around our house.  
Have you ever wondered what to do with unused beauty products?
Don’t throw them away--donate them!

Do you have unused make up cluttering your bathroom cabinet and make up bags?  Do you have sample sizes of things you'll never use, free gifts you receive at the beauty counter or unwanted Christmas or birthday gift sets?  You can donate these items and know that they are going to help someone overcoming difficult circumstances.

I enjoy getting these free gifts, but honestly, I usually only use the lipstick and eye make-up remover and the rest goes to waste.  Instead of throwing these unused items away, why not share them with someone who can use them?  Helping others doesn't have to cost you anything.  I love when I can find another way to use something instead of tossing it out.
Many of you know that along with two other ladies, I helped form Project Serve a few years ago.  For those of you who don't know about Project Serve, hang on!  That's a post for another day!  Each month we share a way that families can join us as we help our community. 

For the month of October we will be collecting the items listed below to donate to Restore Her at Still Creek Ranch.  Still Creek currently has 2 girls homes (with a 3rd in the works).  Each home has approximately 8-10 girls in them.  These products could help the girls feel strong, confident, and beautiful as they truly are. 

We will gladly accept unused samples and/or unopened beauty products.  We cannot accept expired or used products.

* unused makeup (sample or full size)
* clean makeup bags
* facial cleansers & moisturizers
* body lotion and sunscreen
* combs and brushes
* hair styling products
* hair styling tools
* perfume and body sprays
* nail polish and nail polish remover
* manicure and pedicure products
* nail files

You can learn more about Restore Her on their website - 

If you don't live close enough to donate here, check with local women's shelter's.  I'm sure they would welcome your donations!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I would love to hear how you enjoy making a difference!

Have a blessed day!


  1. What a good idea!! I subscribe to Ipsy, which (in case you dind't know) is a monthly bag that sends you 5+ beauty samples - sometimes full size! - of great brands like NYX, Pacifica, Bombshell, Urban Decay, etc, etc. I usually end up LOVING at least 1 thing in each bag and working it into my regular routine, LIKING another 1-2 things, and then just having this "I will NEVER use that" reaction to something. But it's always stuff someone else might use, like moisturizer, lipstick that's a shade too dark, fake eye lashes, or something that other folks might love. I'm totally going to donate that stuff from here on out instead of trying to pawn it off on friends!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love those monthly goodie bags too! Always nice to be able to use some and give some! Have a great day!


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