Monday, November 17, 2014

30 days of Thanks and Giving - part 3

Here's a couple of questions that I get (a lot!) - WHY do you do all this and HOW do you have the time?  Easy - I LOVE doing this and I hope that our kiddos can see and realize how easy it is to love God and love others.  I want them to appreciate what they have while asking how they can help.  If I can show them how to have fun and love serving - having a job that actually pays will seem like a bonus when they become adults.  If I want them to count their blessings - I must teach them to not overlook the small things.  Why do I do this? Because intentional parenting is kinda my thing.  I'm not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mom.  In order to do Thanks and Giving, I've had to do a lot of pre-planning.  I had the kiddos make their list of thankful things at the end of October.  I used lots of time in the car to initiate conversations on ways that they wanted to give back.  I emailed myself hundreds countless ideas that they would rattle off.  We never sat down and had a big conversation about it - just lots of small talk here and there.  Then, on Sundays, I sit down, look at what we already have on the calendar and plan our week of #30daysofThanksandGiving. Does this work for everyone?  Heck no!  But, what might work for you might not work out for us.  That's the beauty of it - we can pick and choose what works best for us.  I hope that #30daysofThanksandGiving will give you a few ideas if you are looking to serve with your family!  I love finding new ideas so don't forget to share with us on Instagram!  It's more fun doing life with others and I'm glad you're here!  AND, it's not too late!  One day is just as important as ten.  Imagine how that one person you will bless will feel when you tell them or show them how thankful you are for them!

So, grab a Coke or a cup of coffee and enjoy a look back at our week 3!  Week 3?! Crazy!  This month is flying by!

                 Day 10 
Today we are thankful for Jesus.  For our inspiration, we looked up verses and came across Luke 3:11.  He answered them, "Whoever has two shirts should share with the person who doesn't have any.  Whoever has food should share it too."  So, we said a quick prayer and asked God to put just the right person in our path then headed to dinner.  As we were looking around, we all agreed it had to be these two big kids.  They were so shocked when they got their check and realized the bill had been paid (complete with high fives across the table).  
Hunter and Savannah are thankful for their daddy's job so they got up extra early to see him off to work AND sent him with cookies for the office staff!
                Day 11 
We are thankful for the kiddos' schools.  As a way to show our appreciation, we purchased a few items from the middle school teacher wish lists.  
Sara and her kiddos are thankful for our Veterans.  They made torn paper remembrance poppies and delivered them along with thank you notes from Sara's pre-k students to Veterans at their local retirement home.  Pictured is one of the Veterans that they were able to visit and thank in person. As they said goodbye, this sweet man thanked THEM for blessing him with their visit!  LOVE!!!

               Day 12
Super thankful for friends!  We made a list of the top ten reasons we are thankful for the Janacs and took them a Blessing Jar of goodies.
Hunter and Savannah are thankful for God's creations in nature so they went on a fall hike and left food for the birds and squirrels along the way! {you'll see that I borrowed Sara's idea later!}
                 Day 13 
Today we gave thanks for shoes by making a donation to Sole Hope.  I hosted a shoe cutting party earlier this summer and it truly did bring a greater appreciation for something as simple as shoes to wear.

Sara is thankful for their little family so they donated to a new friend's adoption fund to help bring another child one step closer to knowing the love of a family! Want to help too?  Check out Tag the Bag to find out how you can help #bringEverlyhome.  Everly is a 9 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage in China since she was born.  How exciting that she will have a family soon!
              Day 14 
Today the kiddos showed appreciation for their grandparents by writing something they are thankful for on a picture frame to give to them.
Savannah and Hunter are thankful for their Auntie Danielle so they surprised her with flowers on her birthday!
                Day 15
The kids listed animals on their thankful lists so we grabbed a couple friends and spread a bag of birdseed by the creek near our house.
Savannah and Hunter are thankful for God's word so they gave away a copy of one of their favorite Bibles - the Jesus Storybook Bible - to one of Sara's Instagram followers.  
                Day 16
We are thankful for our church home so we invited friends that just moved to town to come to church with us.  Bonus that we have daughters the same age!
Hunter and Savannah are thankful for Ms. Carole in their church nursery.  She started watching them when they were both just babies.  They love her so much and she feels like family.  Today after church they paid her a visit and brought her pumpkin pie bars as a treat!
My friend, Shelly, is also joining in with the #30daysofThanksandGiving challenge.  Check out her links to see what she and her family have been up to!
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more free printables + some fun ideas for Thanksgiving Day!
Thanks again for stopping by!  And, remember, it's not what you do or how much you give - it doesn't matter if you have completed every day of the challenge or just one - it matters that your heart is full of grace and love.  What has been your favorite way of showing thankfulness?

Gig 'em and God bless!


  1. I still think sitting back and watching as someone finds out their meal has been paid for is the greatest thing!!

    1. It truly is! The kids kept watching them and getting excited about their reactions - I thought for sure they would figure out it was us. But, pretty sure they never put together that it was the mom with three crazy kiddos that bought their dinner! ;)

  2. I LOVE how intentional you are about passing these values on to your children. Being intentional is a huge theme in my own life as well and you inspire me! :)

    1. Thank you, Jen! That was so sweet of you. Yes, being intentional is very important to me. But, I think we receive more joy from doing these things than we hand out! It's so much fun and a great way to spend time and make memories with your kiddos.

  3. What an inspiration you are!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I've been inspired by so many people that I feel like it's just my small way of giving back. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great post once again :) Love all the fun printables!!

    1. Thanks, friend! It's going to be hard to narrow down what we want to do!


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