Thursday, November 13, 2014

Friday Favorites - random ramblings! :)

I start thinking about my Friday Favorites post at the beginning of the week.  I'll be doing something or see something and think, "I should add that to my Friday Favorites!" #bloggerproblems And, as the week progresses, I realize - my thoughts are all over the place! So, sit back and enjoy this week's edition of Friday Favorites - random ramblings!  :)

* fun Thanksgiving finds - I love when I luck up on inexpensive holiday finds!  I was able to decorate the kiddos' Hope's table with a few fun Thanksgiving items.  Unfortunately, I looked online and could only find one of the items but I listed the stores in case you want to pop in and try your luck.  Cause, you know, Thanksgiving is already on the clearance rack to make room for Valentine's Day!  :)

this cute little metal turkey pilgrim came from Kirkland's (regular price $14.99 but I got him for 25% off) / / found the glitter pumpkin for .99 in the Halloween mark-down aisle at Wal-Greens
Found these perfect melamine Give Thanks plates at World Market for $1.99 each!  I used laminated place mats that the girls had made previously to complete the look I was going for. #kidscraftsforthewin #isuckatdecorating
Couldn't believe when I found this melamine platter at Michael's for only $6.49!
Even though I found all these cute Thanksgiving decorations - this jumping/singing turkey is still their favorite!  Hope was helping me decorate and said this was the perfect spot.  We've had this little turkey for over 10 years and I don't ever remember changing his batteries.  He's possessed magical!  :)
It only cost me about $25 to decorate this space but the only thing that matters is that they love it - and they really do!
* tips that make life easier - I have a crazy love for all things chalkboard.  I love the look of chalkboard markers but was recently bummed when I couldn't get something erased with a damp rag.  What's a girl to do?!  Lucky for me, there was a solution!
I was skeptical but it worked!  So, if you have a chalkboard with faded images - grab your Magic Eraser and get to scrubbing!

* Haribo gummy bears - {See, completely random!}  Earlier this summer the kids and I went to lunch with a dear friend.  She told us of an upcoming trip that was taking her through Germany.  Colby eagerly told her that was were gummy bears - and more importantly, haribo gummy bears, our personal favorite - were first produced.  This shouldn't surprise me but our friend remembered what the kiddos told her and she brought them back three bags of German haribo gummy bears!  Lucky for me Hope wasn't a fan so I'll eat hers - you know, just so they don't go to waste!  :)  We sent her this pic and a thank you message.  It also turned into a small Geography lesson - they had to show me Germany on the globe before they could eat any gummy bears! #iheartthoughtfulfriends

* favorite day (so far) from #30daysofThanksandGiving - I've mentioned it before but the fam and I are seeing if we can do #30daysofThanksandGiving.  The kids made a thankful list and each day we are trying to find a way to give back for those things.  This week we did one of my favorite things to do - surprise someone by picking up their check at dinner!

The kids all listed Jesus on their thankful lists so for inspiration on how we could show our appreciation for Him, we looked up verses and came across Luke 3:11

          He answered them, "Whoever has two shirts should share with the person
          who doesn't have any.  Whoever has food should share it too."

So, we said a quick prayer and asked God to put just the right person in our path then headed out to dinner.  As we were looking around, we all agreed it had to be these two big kids (since we live in a college town, it's always easy to bless hungry college kids!).  My kiddos had the giggles and couldn't wait to watch the expression of this couple when they got their check and realized their bill had been paid.  They didn't disappoint! Disbelief was quickly followed by high fives across the table.  It was awesome!
recap of week 1 / / recap of week 2
Recap of week 3 coming on Monday!

and, my absolute favorite thing from this past week...
* daughters that inspire - This past Sunday, I was having a rough time.  I was talking with Mike about what I was going through and the kids could sense I was upset.  A few minutes later, the middlest brings me this note.
Earlier this week I opened up about my struggles with OCD.  This is not something I have shared with our kiddos.  Yet, Holden knew exactly what I needed to hear.

Mamas, they are listening.  Even when you think they are not.  They get it - sometimes even more than we do.  #tearstained #thisisakeeper #waitfortheLord #bestrong #bebrave

Thanks for coming along for my random Friday Favorite ramblings!  I hope you have a super duper weekend of fun!

Gig 'em and God bless!
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  1. Amen! They are listening and watching and soaking every bit of it in. It can be scary to think what all we let slip from our tongues when we aren't thinking. Hugs to you as you face your OCD struggle. I have issues with being a high strung individual and getting overwhelmed too easy. So in a way I feel your problem. But all that aside I'm over from the link up and I adored your post today! Happy weekend to you!

    1. Hi, Amanda! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh that note from your middlest is too precious! I just found your blog today through the link up and I'm looking forward to reading through more posts! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness, that note from your kiddo is too perfect!

    1. Thanks, Briana! She definitely knew what I needed to hear! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love that drug stores carry such nice items (and oftentimes 50% off before the holiday even arrives). Guess we're the only ones searching the card/decor aisle in Walgreens and Rite Aid :)


    1. I love it too! I usually find them when I'm not looking for them which makes it even more fun! I always look through their holiday aisles while I'm there - you just never know what you might find!


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