Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Favorites - Thanksgiving wrap-up

Phew - I'm really late getting my Friday Favorites post up!  It's been a whirlwind of a week and I've just been soaking it up (and relaxing on the couch with the sounds of screaming laughter coming from upstairs).  I seriously can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner!  But before I get out the tree and decorations, I wanted to give a quick wrap-up of some of my Thanksgiving week favorites!
My daughter's elementary school holds periodic $1 dress up days to raise money for scholarships to be given to graduating seniors that attended their school.  This past Tuesday was Crazy Hair/Hat day so I searched Pinterest for a fun crazy hair idea and here's what we came up with!
I checked my craft closet and realized we only had black and red feathers - hmmm... what to do... - so I grabbed a few different colors of grosgrain ribbon that we had used on our Christmas tree in years past and voila - a turkey bun was born!
We started Thanksgiving morning with these fun cinnamon rolls.  I would be lying if I said my family oohed and aahed over them - nope!  One didn't want the bacon, the other didn't want "all that other stuff", and the one that was staying with grandparents didn't even bother coming home to eat them.  Oh well!  I had fun making them!  I'll remind them of this one day when they have kiddos!  :)
Since the Aggies were playing in College Station, we stayed in town for Thanksgiving.  My parents drove in and we were joined by Shelly and her family for what my littlest named "The Feast at The Creek".
I'm definitely not a cook so Shelly and my hubby cooked up a yummy lunch.  Thanks to them we had a tasty traditional Thanksgiving lunch including Shelly's favorite - dressing made from her Meme's recipe - and it was delicious!  We ended lunch with my favorite part - dessert of pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate pies! 
As I mentioned, I suck in the kitchen but I do enjoy making the table look pretty!  I love looking at fancy table settings but since I knew we would be eating on paper plates, I needed our setting to be laid back yet festive.  My parents live in East Texas so I asked them to bring some pine combs with them.  Lucky for me, my dad left them on the branches so they were the perfect starting place for our decorations.  For placemats I used brown wrapping paper and chalked synonyms for the word thankful on each one.
I posted on Monday about a fun placecard project I wanted to try and as anticipated, it was a #pinterestfail.  I didn't want to let Cassie down so I used her love of pom poms and made pumpkin pom poms as placecard holders.  :)  You have to use your imagination - trust me - they are pumpkins! 
After Thanksgiving lunch, we headed up to campus for a little tailgating fun.  Tailgating with friends is definitely one of my favorites!
I love these girlies so much!  We met 13 years ago when we were pregnant with our first borns and it scares me to think what life would be like without them!  Friends come and friends go but the ones that stay make you very thankful!
Shelly and I try countless times to have my hubby take pics of us.  He loves to act goofy, which makes us laugh, and we never get a good picture.  This one might be a bit blurry but it's one of my favorites!
typical picture taken by my hubby!
I love these kiddos!  One of my FAVORITE things to do is to tell each of them that they are my FAVORITE.  When we get together, some one will always say, "hey, I'm your favorite, right?!"  They always have the best time when they are together!
Hope has recently made a new friend.  This is Shelly's oldest daughter, Jordan.  Hope has been around her many times before but recently Shelly told her that Jordan was her baby.  I guess Hope felt like they had something in common and latched on to Jordan and wouldn't let her out of her sight!  Jordan is definitely her favorite right now!
My little family is definitely one of my favorites!  I love sharing life with these four!
Well, the outcome of the Aggie game was definitely not my favorite but sharing a love of Aggie football with my family definitely is.
It's hard to think of them imploding this side of Kyle Field come December 21st!  It definitely has areas that it needs to improve but seeing it come down will definitely be bitter sweet!
I hope you had FUN with your FAMILY and FRIENDS, ate some good FOOD, and enjoyed watching FOOTBALL.  Now, hustle and get those Christmas decorations out!  I'm sure my Christmas wrap-up will be here before I know it!

Gig 'em and God bless!
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  1. I love your daughter's crazy hair style! So perfect for the week of Thanksgiving.

    And while both my husband and I are LSU fans, he actually went to A&M. I had my first trip out to college station about 2 years ago and had a blast. I'd love to go back, although having the LSU/A&M game on Thanksgiving does make it a little difficult. But maybe next time instead we can head out for an LSU baseball game instead?

    1. Thanks, Shoshanah! It was fun to do! She only has shoulder length hair so the hardest part was just getting it to look like a bun!

      Glad that you enjoyed your visit to CS and hope you get to come back soon! Aggie baseball at Olsen is the best!

  2. Seriously way behind on my blog this post and the memories our families have made together!


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