Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites - you guessed it, more randomness! :)

No chit chat or small talk this week!  Here's my 5 {random} Friday Favorites!

* teacher gifts - I love putting together little gifts for the kiddos teachers on holidays other than Christmas and end-of-year.  They are with my kiddos for a huge part of their day and I greatly appreciate all they do.  Below are a few Thanksgiving goodies I have put together recently and in the past.
I love consumable gifts!  I thought teachers might enjoy these festive paper plates and napkins as a thankful gift.  With my cue from a Pinterest link, I changed up the Christmas saying and applied it to Thanksgiving.
The tag reads:  Our Thanksgiving wish for you is less dishes to do!
We will give these to the girls' teachers next week as part of our #30daysofThanksandGiving.
I had really been struggling to find a way to thank middle school teachers.  There are so many of them, both male and female, that it really made gift giving hard!  I was checking out at Michael's the other day and came across these fabulous chalkboard coffee mugs.  Oh, and did I mention they were only .79?!  That's seventy-nine CENTS!!!  I added a small Starbucks gift card and I think they will LOVE them!  It takes a special person to want to teach tweens/teens and I want them to know how much we appreciate all they do!

I put these together for Hope's preschool teachers last year.  They were VERY special to her so we put a picture in a frame of them together.  The little cup is filled with Hershey hugs and kisses.
[terrible picture, sorry] but the back of the tag reads, "Hugs and Kisses and Thanksgiving Wishes!"

* Tabletop TRUTHS - I always forget about these little gems since I pack them away with our holiday decorations but each year when I find them it's an ah-ha moment!  I LOVE them!   Tabletop TRUTHS is a collection of durable, colorful placemats designed to be used as a springboard to Biblical knowledge, spiritual growth and great family conversations. Each mat comes with thought-provoking questions, conversation starters and Scripture references to help you teach your children.    All placemats are $8 each (except for placemat sets).  The placemats are made of thick, 10mL lamination and are VERY kid friendly...easy to wipe off and clean!  These would make excellent gifts for those kiddos in your life!

The holiday pack comes with the 6 placemats shown - the back says "Jesus loves me"

 The Christmas Story pack comes with the 6 placemats shown - on the back is Joy to the World the Lord has come

Click here to check out the other placemats they have.  You won't be disappointed!

* completed projects - I love completing projects - especially when they involve organizing!  I cleaned out our coat closet this weekend and remembered a picture that I had emailed my husband in February (his sense of urgency on projects doesn't mesh with mine!).  So...I re-forwarded him the email and was surprised by a trip to Lowe's after church on Sunday.
This was my PINspiration - I tried to find the source but the picture I had pinned was without a link :/
and here's the completed project:
Ah!  I love a clean and organized closet!  :)  The only thing better would have been if I had remembered to snap a before picture - then you would REALLY appreciate this picture!
Thinking I might replace the blue bag of gloves with compartments like I found here.
Elf on the Shelf! - Eek!  It's about time for our Elf on the Shelf, Waldo, to make his yearly appearance and I.can't.wait!  I posted some of my thoughts on EOTS earlier this week. You can read all about it here.  And, Shelly and I would love it if you would join us in: 
Just a fun way to share your pictures on Instagram and help those that might be looking for a fun way to #UnShelfYoElf2014!

* #LightEmUpActs - It's no secret that I have a slight crush on Courtney deFeo.  She has such a servant's heart and is such an inspiration to me!  She recently blogged about her 2014 Light 'Em Up Acts - simple ways for families to light up their community with kindness. Seriously, what's not to love about that?!
Planning Guide
Free printable gift tags!
100 ideas!!!
and even a classroom version for all the teachers out there
Even though we will be wrapping up our #30daysofThanksandGiving in the next few days, we will still find some ways to #lightemup this holiday season!!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Before I sign off, I have a very personal prayer request.  And while this might sound silly to some, others will completely get it.  Our dog, Kennedy, a 15+ year old yellow lab, has come to the end of her time with us.  She took a very rapid decrease in her health this week and it looks like in the next day or so, she will head towards the Rainbow Bridge.  We are all devastated and our hearts are broken.  She has been with us so long and is truly a member of our family.  Please pray that we make the right decision for her, that the kids grasp and understand what is happening, and that she goes peacefully and with no pain.
Many tears have fallen and I know many more will be shed.  Our fury friends hold such a dear sweet spot in our heart that when they leave they take a little piece of us with them.  

Gig 'em and God bless!
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  1. Totally stealing the Thanksgiving plates idea for Carly's teachers! Maybe I'll go get all the supplies for the coat closet and when Mike comes to hang my mirrors ;) he can hang that too. haha

    Sending so many sweet prayers for Kennedy and your family. I love that sweet doggie and I know this is so hard for you guys.

    1. I thought the plates and napkins was really cute! What did we ever do before Pinterest? :) Get those supplies ready! I'm sure Mike would love to have something to take his mind off of sweet Kennedy. Thank you for the prayers. I know it sounds silly to pray for a dog but she's way more than that to us. We know she means a lot to you guys too! Thank you!

  2. Love the great teacher gift ideas! And your coat closet looks great - if it's anything like mine it's easy to imagine the "before" picture! I'm so sorry about your sweet dog! All the best to your family with such a difficult choice ahead of you!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Gina! And, thanks for stopping by! Love finding your blog today and look forward to reading more!

  3. Love the clean closet--- doesn't it make life so much better! And those gifts are so thoughtful. Hope everything with your kids goes well this week with your pet.

    1. Yes, Sarita! I completely agree - a clean closet makes life way better! Now I don't dread opening the door. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love Thanksgiving plates & napkins for teachers! We did Patriotic themed plates, napkins, & giftcard for Subway as End of the Year gifts last year for teachers so they could do a summer picnic. It was a big hit! I'm with you...I just can't skip doing light 'em up this year :) we have some favorites we love to do!! I'm so sorry to hear about your pup! Y'all will be in my prayers! My kids fish just died today and they don't know yet! I am having a hard time with just a little fish, so I feel for you immensely! Our dogs are getting up in age too, so I know their time will be approaching as well. Your heart feels just broken when a pet is gone! Hugs friend!

    1. I'm thinking the plates and napkins gift will definitely become a new favorite of mine! I can even start stocking up when they go on sale after the season! I love the idea of an end-of-year picnic! Haha - I knew you would get a giggle about #lightemup! You know we couldn't not participate! Sorry about your fish. Losing a pet is truly one of the earliest life lessons that kiddos learn and it stays with them. We are trying to be as honest as possible without scaring them but Mike and I are really attached to her. I had a dog when we married but we got Kennedy a few years later so she's been through a lot with us. She's such a sweet dog.

  5. I have been thinking about your sweet dog since I saw this post this morning, but just now have time to comment. I know exactly what your family must be going through, and it is a tough time. We lost our 15 year old yellow lab mix in September 2012, and I still miss her today. I hope Kennedy has a surge of strength and you have more time with your treasured dog. :)

    1. Thank you, Tanya! We've had a special weekend with our sweet Kennedy and we still see a small twinkle in her eye. She's not quite ready to leave us and we aren't ready for her to go (not that we ever will be). We know our time is short but we'll enjoy every day that we have with her. She's truly a one of a kind. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you guys have had a great weekend!


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