Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites - Memories

This has been a hard week.  Last Saturday we had to put our beloved dog, Kennedy, to sleep.  And even though we knew this day was coming, we weren't prepared for the emptiness that we would feel without her.  I know it sounds silly to mourn a dog but our house just isn't the same.  Even though she no longer greeted us at the door, there was just something familiar about going to check on her first thing when we walked in.  I still find myself looking for her.  I even miss cleaning up all her dog hair!  We loved her so much and she loved us fiercely.  I wrote on Monday about how to love like it was your last day in honor of her.  You can read the post here.
The last few days I've found myself pouring through pictures trying to find every pic of Kennedy that I have ever taken.  I want to see her and remember all the fun times.  I'm desperately trying to replace the sadness with happy memories.  I don't want to forget a thing!  And, as awesome of an adult dog she was, I have to remind myself that this is the same dog that, as a puppy, would spray paint a room with doggie diarrhea if she got scared (gross, I know!), that chewed the zippers off our couch cushions, that was the reason we had to buy a trash can that locked, and that had to have a house sitter stay with her when we would go out of town because if we boarded her she wouldn't eat till we returned!  And knowing all this, I would do it all again to have her right here with us.

So I decided not to recap my favorite things from this past week but to recap some of my favorite memories of sweet Kennedy.  But, before I start, can we oohh and aahh over how adorable she was as a puppy?!
Kennedy never EVER turned down the opportunity to chase tennis balls!  I have fond memories of Mike coming home from work, changing clothes, putting one of the babies in a carrier, and heading outside to throw the ball for her - for HOURS!
and when Mike would stop throwing the ball, she would beg anyone for one more throw!
She was ALWAYS available for hugs and kisses - there was never a shortage of love for her!
She was ALWAYS up for a road trip!  If she heard her leash rattle she would start dancing.  It didn't matter where - she just wanted to GO!
She was always available and a big fan of being hand fed!
I never had to ask her - but she was always available to babysit.  If Hope was cruising around and about to get into something that could hurt her, Kennedy would very gently place herself between Hope and danger.!
Kennedy was always one of the first to greet babies when we brought them home from the hospital.  Not sure why I couldn't find a picture of Holden's coming home but I'm positive Kennedy was right there!
from bluebonnet pics, to naps, to game night, to daydreaming in the front yard - she was always there!
it didn't matter what was going on around here, she just wanted to be right in the middle
this was her happy place - right in the middle of her kiddos

Kennedy made the best pillow!  You couldn't help but snuggle up next to her!
I definitely have more pictures of Hope using her as a pillow.  The older Kennedy got, the slower she moved.  I think she enjoyed having a little one around to love on her while the bigs were at school.
She loved being a pillow for others, but she was just as happy to snuggle up and use you as her pillow!
Kennedy was so patient!  She always let Holden do whatever she wanted to her - including play dress up!
not necessarily headware but she never turned down a good photo prop either!
I'm sure she's thinking, "really?!" :)
 last year - celebrating her 15th birthday

and just like a member of the family, she was in every first day of school picture
every family picture
our last family picture with her - I love that she was front and center!

And, if there are regrets to have, one of them is that I did not take more pictures of Mike and Kennedy.  I guess kids came along and it got weird - but I really wish that I had more pictures of him and her.  Here are some of my favorites!
as hard as it is to look at, this picture is so beautiful to me - a man and his dog saying their goodbyes

Kennedy, you were the best!  I hope you know how much we loved you.  I know we will eventually welcome another dog into our home but no one will ever replace you.  You have a special place in our hearts and we were so lucky to be your family!  
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Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with me!

Have a blessed weekend!  Gig 'em and God bless!

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  1. There is nothing silly about your mourning. My Dodger has been with me through a lot of major changes. He's the best little guy. He's almost 10 years old and his age is showing. Everyone knows I'll need a leave of absence when he goes. They become family. Once again I'm sorry for your loss but I hope the memories and God's peace help you heal.

    1. Thank you, Kristy! Those with fur babies truly understand the pain. I pray you have many, many more years with your Dodger! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a sweet post! I must admit, I'm much more of a cat person than a dog person, but lately we've been thinking about getting a dog at some point for the kids. Kennedy sets the bar high for a furry companion. What a sweet pup! So sorry for your loss - hold onto those precious memories!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! Good luck finding a dog for your family! I know your Kennedy is out there!

  3. Seriously I am crying again!! I'm so sorry for you guys. I really cannot even imagine the emptiness at your house without her.

    1. I know it must sound so silly to some but the grieving is real. It's not a constant, curl up on the couch a cry type, it's more like a sit there and think. The house has completely gone to crap this week. And, it's all my fault but it's like every time I start something, I imagine where Kennedy would have been laying, or I'll get up to go check on her to only realize she's not there, or I look outside and see her grave. Just constant reminders that she's gone. Time will heal but for now it sucks... :(

  4. I feel exactly where you are. My dog, Charlie, a blonde lab as well, was my anchor and such an important member of my family. When the time came for him to go on I could not bare to be there. I regret it so much. My mom took sat with him as he passed. Grief for our cherished pets is so raw and real. My heart bleeds for you. I was crying just seeing how close your Kennedy resembled my Charlie. Hey, maybe they are fast friends in spirit now. Hugs and peace!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Charlie! It is heart wrenching. Right before I met my husband, I got a cocker spaniel. She was my first fur baby. She got sick and I had to make a quick decision for her. I did not stay with her and still regret it to this day. When we were given the opportunity to be with Kennedy while she passed - I knew it would be unbelievably hard - but it was truly peaceful. She took a deep breath and then passed away. I hope she's met up with your Charlie. Surely there is a special place in heaven for pets that are loved so much! Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my memories.

  5. She was an amazingly cute puppy. And that photo with the bunny ears? The best.


    1. Thanks, Janie! And thank you for sharing my memories with me!

  6. This post brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful way to remember Kennedy! I love that she was in all your family photos! We have a black lab and he was our first baby. He will always be a part of our family too! Dogs are such wonderful pets. It looks like you had a really great one in Kennedy! So sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you are able to remember all the amazing memories with her!

    Thanks for linking up your post with us for hte Saturday Spotlight! XO

    1. Thank you, Alycia! We were truly blessed to have her as long as we did. Love on your lab a little extra for me today.

      Thanks for hosting the link up! I'll see you again Saturday!

  7. This is such a touching and heartwarming tribute to an obviously well-loved dog. Thank you so much for sharing. We'll be pinning this - we're looking forward to seeing what you have to share this week on Awesome Life Friday.

    1. Thanks, Lynda! We loved her so much and miss her everyday.

      Thanks for hosting the link-up! I'll see you in a couple of days with more Friday Favorites!

  8. Oh my these pictures are just adorable and such treasures now!!


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