Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - Happy Heart Day!

I love the week before a holiday!  The excitement, the preparations, the last minute scramble...  :)  Here's just a few of my favorite things that have led up to one of my FAVORITE holidays!
Daddy Daughter Dance!
Each year our local Children's Museum hosts a Daddy Daughter Dance and my girls definitely look forward to this!  They can't wait to get dressed up and have their daddy all to themselves for the whole evening!  This year's theme was Boots and Tutus - perfect for our girls!
It was super windy on the day of the dance so we had to do some quick pictures on our front porch..
Daddy Daughter Dance is always a FAVORITE!
heading out for a night of fun!

and just for giggles, here's their pics from the past couple of years
 DDD 2013
DDD 2014
Date Night with Colby
While the girls are out with Mike at the Daddy Daughter Dance, Colby and I use this time for a date night too!  I was lucky in that this past Saturday, I got to spend almost the entire day with him!  Any mom of tweens/teens knows this is a rarity and something to be treasured!  We started the day off volunteering together at our local food bank.  We then headed to lunch and ran a few errands before I had to get home and get the girls dressed for the dance.  He hung out with me while I was getting ready and he even called and made us reservations for dinner (with a little hint from mom!).  We ended our day with dinner at Napa Flats, a restaurant he had been wanting to try.  Date nights with my boy are definitely a FAVORITE!!!
It was Saturday.  It was early.  And his mom wanted to take a picture.  
He was not impressed! 
 This is us after volunteering.  We had a chance to wake up!
 He thought taking selfies while I was getting ready was SO funny!
  He thought it would be funny to re-create the kiss picture that the girls did with Mike.  
I wasn't sure what he was up to!
 Lots of talk about sports happened here! (and doesn't it look like I have a life vest on here?!)
Napa Flats gets a big thumbs up from Colby!
 And gelato for dessert - Nutella and mint chocolate chip!  I'm sure Colby would say this was his FAVORITE!!!
Random (and not so random!) Acts of Kindness
Did you know that this is International Random Acts of Kindness Week?  Yes, it's a real thing! I told Holden about it and she couldn't wait to come up with something!  But, actually she already had everything she needed!  Recently she was at Jo-ann's for a sewing class and came across this adorable doggie Valentine material.  She wasn't sure what she wanted to do but she KNEW she wanted it.  :)  With her new found love of sewing, I've let her get a Pinterest account so that she can pin some of her FAVORITE finds. She found a link that showed her how to make doggie bandanas and she was off and sewing!  She made about 30 and has given out almost all of them!  She's given out some to friends and neighbors and she dropped off a bunch at a doggie daycare in town.  My FAVORITE part of all of this - when she told me, "mom, that felt really good."  Acts of Kindness ROCK!
 the material that started it all!
 this is her happy place!

 This was the perfect project for her.  It's given her a chance to work on her sewing skills, she's been able to practice being a RAKtivist, and, without her knowing, it's helping her in her grieving process. 
some of our furry friends that are sporting Valentine bandanas!
I LOVE doing intentional acts of kindness - it's my love language!  If you are looking for some fun ideas for you or your kiddos, I posted a few of my favorite kindness Pinterest boards here.
class parties!
This is Holden's last year of elementary school so today will be my last Valentine party to go to for her.  I was able to find a super cute craft thanks to Sunshine & Hurricanes!
*sorry these pictures are so dark!  I decided to share this last minute so it was super late (and super dark!) when I took the pics :)
 straws from Target's Dollar Spot, erasers from Wal-Mart, and hooks from Lowe's
 this was a super cheap and easy craft to put together - less than .50/kiddo
 carefully screw the hook into the eraser (I would have let the kiddos do this but the erasers were thin and you had to be careful to keep the hook straight)
 bakers twine and straws (normally I would have let the kiddos cut the straws but we are combining two 4th grade classes in the cafeteria for parties and I thought the teachers would appreciate the students leaving their scissors in the classrooms!) 
 bagged up and ready to hand out!
 I've had these little boxes in my Valentine stash for years!  I found them 9 for .25 (total) years ago and have never had a reason to use them - till now!
 The parties are less than thirty minutes.  They should have plenty of time to make their necklaces and have their ice cream sundaes.  Yummy!
Happy Valentine's Day to ME!!!
Mike and I have a little get away planned in a few weeks and it seems like every time I go somewhere, I always find a little something that I need...  And, this is no different!  I think I have found my FAVORITE bag!!!  What do you think?!

It's a little pricey but it's a fashionABLE product which I love!  Every product purchased creates sustainable business in Africa.  FashionABLE is committed to long-term solutions to fighting poverty and their main focus is creating opportunities for vulnerable women. Every purchase creates jobs so that the women are not dependent upon charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy.  Their strategy is two-fold.  They work with women to help them start small business cooperatives, and they partner with and require manufacturers to also employ women with fair wages and fair hiring practices. Purchasing with a purpose is my FAVORITE way to shop!

Check out their website!  If you find something you like, use this link for a 10% coupon code!

I can't wait to have this beauty in time for our little get away!

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh, and before I forget!  Tomorrow is the last day of our Love Challenge!
Have you been challenged at all?  I know I sure have!  In case you've missed any days, here are the links!
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I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with all your FAVORITE things!

Have a blessed weekend!  Gig 'em and God bless!

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  1. I have a weakness for totes and I LOVE this one. I want to see yours when you get it!

    1. Will do! I love the look of it! Simple, classic - hopefully timeless! :)

  2. Love your date pictures!!! And those doggie bandanas are precious!! Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you, Sara! It's always fun to have dates with your kiddos! I thought the doggie bandanas turned out super cute! She really enjoyed making them which made my heart happy!

  3. Those tutus and cowboy boots outfits look ADORABLE! Such a cute combination. And I bet the Valentine's necklace craft was a huge hit with the students AND teachers!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I lucked up and got the pink tutu from Pick Your Plum months ago (it was actually in our gift closet!) and I found the black tutu on sale at Target for $14! Score! The necklace craft was a HUGE hit! The kiddos thought they were so much fun - phew! And, there was no mess so the teachers loved them too! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love Holden's heart! Also, wherr di you get that teal jacket? Evys Tree?

    1. I love her heart too! :) Yep - Evy's Tree - it's FABULOUS!!!


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