Monday, February 2, 2015

Make a Difference Monday - February Goals

Wow!  It's already February 2nd!  How did that happen already?!  Before the calendar gets too far ahead of me, I wanted to give a report card of my January Goals and then lay out the ones I have for February.  I must say, writing out my goals is a lot better than having them run around in my head!  I liked the reminder and the accountability!
As you can see, I gave myself a C+ on an intentional and joy filled quiet time.  Before now, I would have given myself an F but since I don't believe in the F word anymore, I was a little more kind to myself.  I did great for the first part of the month doing my daily Bible readings with She Reads Truth and their outline to read through the Bible in a year. Unfortunately, it takes me a bit longer for things to sink in.  I was taking notes and it was taking me a long time to get through each day.  I got behind and never caught back up. But, I'm not giving up!  I might not read through the Bible in a year but I WILL do it!  I also have been working on the Love Challenge based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and must say that it's brought me lots of joy!  This is something that I will continue to list as a goal from month to month!

Intentional with my words got a C.  I'm trying but, ugh, snarky just comes way too easy for me.  I'll say something and then think about it - I've got to get that going in the other direction!  I've started reading Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman - I seriously could have been a case study for this book!  If you're looking for a Bible Study book - check it out here.

Turning our house into a home - one tiny project at a time with a grade of B!  This one has me all giddy inside!  I've been (SLOWLY!) working through the 14 week Home Organization Challenge by A Bowl Full of Lemons and I LOVE how each section gets an entire week for you to complete.  Bonus that they have printables of checklists to keep you on track!  So far I've only cleaned out our kitchen but let me tell you, it's fabulous!  I even have empty cabinets from all the stuff I got rid off!  There's just something freeing about getting rid of stuff!

The hubby and I have enjoyed one dinner date, one lunch date, and even a late movie date!  Add to that a few kid free nights thanks to my parents being in town and that gives us a grade of an A for date nights!  Whoo hoo!  And, it looks like February will be great too! Shelly has offered to keep the kiddos for a couple of hours ever so often and another friend passed along the info of a new babysitter that we are looking forward to trying soon!  February looks to be promising in the date night category!  

And just be me with a grade of an A.  This in no way is meant to sound conceited.  I'm a people pleaser by nature and would much rather make someone else happy versus myself.  This has gotten me no where and, sad to admit, but it's taken me this long to figure some things out.  I've really focused on those things that make me happy and not worrying (too much!) what others think.  I've had a peace around me this month and I feel like God is telling me that it's ok to just be me - He created me this way and loves me just as I am!

And now for my February Goals!

*intentional and joy filled quiet time - see above :)
*complete unfinished projects - I LOVE starting projects!  Unfortunately, I'm not good at completing them as quickly as I am at starting them!  This month I hope to wrap up at least two projects a week that I've started (yes, I have this many that need completing!).
*intentional with friendships - When the bigs were younger, we would get together with friends on a regular basis and it was always so much fun!  Lots of memories were made!  But, over time, kiddos grew up, started attending difference schools, were involved in different activities, and I started paying less attention to my friendships. Getting together on a regular basis is hard but it's SO worth it!  I'm making an effort to go to lunch at least once a week with friends and getting together as a group for a Girls Night Out once a month.  I.can't.wait!  I cheated a little and started working on this in January.  I was able to get together for lunch three out of the four weeks and scheduled our Girls Night Out in February!
*flake one or less times per month on workouts - I'm sure if anyone knows me they'll think - well, this one will be easy!  You don't workout!  Well, I didn't...until last October.  I'm not saying that I don't NEED to workout, I'm just saying that I don't LIKE to workout.  I hear others talk about how they just love to work out, blah, blah, blah.  Maybe it's my OCD, maybe it's just me, but it takes everything I have to not skip my workouts!  I meet up with my trainer, Brittany, twice a week and I have given her my word as well that I will really try not to flake on her!
*make Valentine hats for nursery at the hospital - I love to crochet.  It's seriously the best therapy!  There's something so soothing about working with yarn to create something with your own hands!  One of my most favorite things to make is baby hats.  I love making them and taking them to the hospital where my kiddos were born to be given out to new babies.  I especially love doing this around the holidays.  I'm hoping to make a few and deliver them before Valentine's Day (hopefully this won't get added to my list of uncompleted projects!).
here's a few of the Valentine beanies I made and donated a couple of years ago

So, how did you do with your January goals?  Have you made a new list for February yet? I would love to hear what's going on with you!

Have a blessed week!  Gig 'em and God bless!

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  1. Love how intentional you are with this Holly! Oh and how fantastic that you plan to crochet hats for little babies!! Love it!!

    1. Thanks, Sybil! I was reluctant at first to put it out there - you know, cause fear of failure sucks, right?! But, as long as we are trying, we can't fail! I can't wait to start making the hats! Stay tuned! Have a great day!

  2. I really need to work on date nights and time with my friends too. The kids lives have taken over mine.

    1. I know - it's so easy to do. But, if we don't take time for us, who will?! It's important for us to not lose ourselves in our kiddos. Easier said than done - I know! :) But, oh, so worth it!

  3. Love your report card! I don't workout never! I did before I had kids, but now they are my workout...LOL! I am people pleaser like you and would rather please them than please myself. It's something I continually struggle with. I'm so proud of you for feeling at peace with not worrying so much what other people think. I am trying to get there!!

    1. Thanks, friend! I do worry about not caring what people think's a fine line between being who I am and bordering on being non-loving. Know what I mean? I think we should care - to a point. We should care that we are being nice and understanding and patient with others, but not at an expense to ourselves. We are all works in progress! That's for sure!

    2. Yes, I totally get what you are saying!! That fine line is hard for me :)

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