Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites - Spring Break edition!

Spring Break 2015 is almost in the books.  One of my FAVORITE parts of the kids going back to school after the break is knowing that summer vacation is only 10 weeks away!  Bring on summer!!!

But, in the meantime, here are a few of my FAVORITE things from this past week (you might want to grab some coffee - this is a little long!):

Mike and I left for a long overdue vacay last Wednesday and returned this past Monday. We met some of Mike's high school friends there to celebrate one of them turning 45 (forty-five?!  that can't be right!!!).  His friends didn't arrive till Friday so we had a few days just the two of us.  That was my FAVORITE part!
Mike got a speeding ticket driving to the airport, our plane was delayed, and we were later arriving in to Vegas than we planned but nothing was going to steal our fun!  We hadn't been on a trip together since 2009!!!  It was also fun to reminiscence about the anniversary of the day we met - just 19 short years ago!
We decided to get out of the city for a bit so we woke up early on day two and headed to Lake Mead.  They have converted old railroad tracks into hiking trails (complete with really cool tunnels) that take you to the Hoover Dam.  This was definitely our FAVORITE excursion!
 absolutely gorgeous and until we got to the dam we saw only a handful of people
the trail had 5 tunnels to pass through
the wildflowers were definitely one of my FAVORITES
 we even came across some bighorn sheep
 Phew!  We made it to the Hoover Dam - totally worth the hike!
 Crazy to think that this was built during the Great Depression.  It seriously blew my mind the foresight and courage it took to build something like this!
 the size of the cars gives you a little perspective on how ginormous the dam is
 Mike kept laughing at me - I couldn't get over how beautiful these cacti were!  Hoping that Holden will want to paint one for me!
 These are my very dusty, tired feet after our 10 mile hike.  But, we weren't done!  We added three more miles before we headed back to the hotel!  :)  I need a vacay from my vacay!
While in Vegas, we stayed at the Bellagio.  My FAVORITE part - always coming in to a clean room.  I swear they were watching us coming and going.  Every time I left a towel on the floor - it was gone when we got back.  The service was second to none!
 Another FAVORITE - having friends whose room over looked the fountains!  We got the perks while only paying for a pool view!  ;)
One of my FAVORITE places to people watch was the Marquee Dayclub Pool at 
The Cosmopolitan.  What were we thinking going to Vegas over Spring Break?!  This was crazy and fun all rolled in to one!  I can't even begin to imagine how much money this place makes! 
This was our crew!  These guys have been through thick and thin - and have remained as loyal as ever.  Some of these guys have been friends since the second grade!
This is quite possibly my most FAVORITE sequence of pictures!  These were snapped in about three seconds but I LOVE them.  Here we are 40+ and {trying} to hang with a bunch of college kids.  
Completely random...we tried octopus.  Definitely NOT my favorite!!!  But...I can let you in on a little secret!  There is an AMAZING secret pizza place in The Cosmopolitan.  It's located on the 3rd floor down the hallway lined with album covers across from the pool table.  I would tell you the name - but it doesn't have one!
 This was absolutely my FAVORITE meal (ok, ok, I admit - we ate there FOUR times!).  Our palates weren't as fancy as our friends and everything was crazy expensive but we could come here, grab a couple of slices of pizza and a beer for less than $20!  You can't do that in Vegas!  Not to mention, the pizza was crazy good!  If you are in Vegas, you must try the secret pizza place at the Cosmo!
We hung out at this pool on our last day - much more our speed!
FAVORITE view?  Definitely the Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay!  
Not my FAVORITE - staying out too late when we knew we had to get up!  You should have seen us trying to pack in about 10 minutes.  I seriously got dressed, brushed my teeth, threw on a ball cap, and headed for the door.  Let's just say - I've looked better!  :) 
 Can you believe we walked nearly 50 miles on our trip?!  Holy heck!  I don't feel guilty about eating pizza four times - nope, not even a little bit!
He's definitely my FAVORITE!  We had an amazing time and I can't wait for our next trip - even if I have to wait another six years!
Last week's Friday FAVORITES were all about my FAVORITE travel necessities.  You can check them out here.

My Mom!
I'm sure my mom is still exhausted from taking care of our kiddos while we were gone! Bless her heart - she had her hands full!  We were able to get all three kiddos to school before we left but then it was all up to my mom.  It's fun dropping off/picking up three kiddos from three different schools - said NO ONE EVER!  She also got to sit through a track meet, a Spirit Night, Cowboy Day, and ballet class.  And that only got her through the first three days!  My dad came to town and then they enjoyed some Aggie baseball games, a little shopping and pedicures.  Mike and I are super appreciative for all they did - we were able to have a great time knowing our kiddos were being taken care of.  Thanks, mom! You're my FAVORITE!

St. Patrick's Day!
Thanks to The Dating Divas, I was able to pull off a fun St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt all while being just a bit tired from our travels.  Planning fun little surprises for the kiddos is one of my FAVORITE things to do!
I'm a lucky mom - no doubt about it!!!

It's been almost two months since our sweet Kennedy passed away.  This Sunday would have been her 16th birthday.  We miss her greatly but the love of friends has been unbelievable.
Recently we received three cards in the mail letting us know how much people were thinking about us.  In addition to these notes, an online friend whom I've never met in person made a donation to the Aggie Vet School and another friend made a donation in Kennedy's name to the Aggieland Humane Society.  I recently posted about the little things - and while writing a card or making a donation in the name of someone's dog might sound small to you, it made a HUGE impact on our family.  We miss Kennedy SO much - she definitely was our FAVORITE furry family member.  
You can read more of Kennedy's story here.

My FAVORITE middlest is turning TEN today!!!  How is that even possible?!  Seems like yesterday when I was pregnant with her!
This picture was taken 10 HOURS before Holden was born.  I was already past my due date so it sounded like a good idea to go to a town about 20 miles away to take Colby to an Easter egg hunt and then WALK nine holes of golf (I'm pretty sure that's what did it!).
 While walking the golf course, I knew I wasn't feel 100% but like a big dummy - never, ever did I think I was in LABOR!  The picture on the right was taken around 3:45 pm.  We headed home around 5pm but I thought I was hungry.  Mike ran in to Subway and I thought I was dying!!!  He came back and the look on his face told it all!  I had already been to the hospital once and they sent me home so I was determined to make sure this was the real deal.  I walked around the block a few times and finally gave up - I couldn't wait any longer.  I vaguely remember the ride to the hospital!  Once we got there I was assigned the snarkiest nurse EVA and she was taking her sweet time.  I'm pretty sure she wasn't thrilled that I was using a doula but she should thank my sweet doula for not letting me lose my mind all over her.  I went to the bathroom where my water broke and I could hear the nurse scream down the hallway, "CANCEL ANESTHESIA!".  What the heck?!  No, no, NO!  I NEED an epidural!!!  But, there was no time for that.  A few quick, horribly painful pushes and my sweet 8 pounds, 3 ounce baby girl was laying peacefully in my arms.  I was so worried about dividing my love between two kiddos when little did I know that all my love would be multiplied!
No glamour shots in this delivery room!  Phew!  Birthing a baby is rough!
Holden Rebecca

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.  ~Steve Jobs

I truly, truly think she's going to change the world!  She has an ability to see things in ways that no one else does and it blows my mind!  I am blessed beyond belief that God thought I should be her mom.  She has taught me more about true beauty in her 10 years than I have learned in my 40+ years.  Happy Birthday, baby girl!  We love you and can't wait to celebrate this special double digit birthday with you!!!
* * * * * * * * * *
Phew!  Are you still with me?!  Holy heck!  That was a LOT of pictures today - sorry about that!  But, I do appreciate you stopping by!  Here's hoping you have a weekend full of your FAVORITE things!

Have a blessed weekend!  Gig 'em and God bless!

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  1. Just remember! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Ha!

    1. Absolutely, Laura! ;) Thanks for stopping by! Have a super day!

  2. It looks like you had a fun trip! I bet your mom is glad you came back though :) Happy Weekend!

    1. It was SO much fun, Katie! Definitely worth the wait! And, I agree - I'm sure my mom was more excited to see us than our kiddos! :) Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

  3. As much as I hate Vegas now I want to go back just to do that dang hike! Leave it to you to always find the best fun. Glad yall had a great trip! Can't wait to celebrate Holden's bday tomorrow!

    1. There are a few more hikes that I would like to do if we ever go back. We'll definitely spend a few days away from the Strip and do more stuff like this (unless it's during the summer when you have to watch out for rattlesnakes and scorpions!), if we ever get the chance to go back! We are super excited about Holden's party too! So glad you guys will be there!

  4. what a fun spring break and walk down memory lane. You are precious pregnant and at 40! You don't age!

  5. Hi Holly!
    Just started reading your blog after I realized you are bestie's with Shelly and I love her blog! and her IG!! I have been telling my husband about this secret pizza place and I just read to him your take on it and we are definitely trying it when we go in June! Looking forward to more of your fun posts! Have a fabulous week!

  6. ....and PS: I have a nephew named Holden William and he is 15 1/2 yrs old! I told my sister you have a little girl named Holden :)

    1. Hi, Kim! So glad you found me! Isn't Shelly the best?! Just love her! You guys absolutely MUST try the pizza place! So yummy! And, if they don't have what you like, ask them what they have under the counter. They have more pizza than what is showing - you just have to know to ask. ;) And, how cool that your nephew is named Holden! We haven't met that many but our Holden is the only girl Holden that we've heard of. I LOVE the name! Thanks again for stopping by! Have a super day!

    2. Thanks for threads up on the pizza and what to ask for!!! I am super excited to try this place out now!!!

    3. Let me know if you guys think it was as great as we did! :)

  7. Oooh my goodness! Vegas! How fun! We went last year for our 10 year anniversary (and stayed at the Bellagio)...we had a blast! It was so hard to come home and take care of 4 kids, though. I needed my mom to stay for a few days while I recovered! ;-) Your kids are absolutely beautiful! Your labor story reminded me of 3 of mine. No time for an epidural, too late! But once they are there, it's all worth it! Have a great week!! =)

    1. Hi, Kelly! It was SO fun to get away but I agree - very hard to re-acclimate myself to family life! :) I needed a vacay from our vacay! Thank you for your sweet comments! Made my day! Hope you have a wonderful week too!

  8. Confession: I've never actually been to Vegas. I totally need to go! And let's get it straight - those 20 somethings have nothing on you!

    1. Confession: This was my first time to Vegas! And, yes, you definitely need to go!!! And for the record, you are just the sweetest! Thank you! :)


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