Wednesday, May 6, 2015

waiting on...Wednesday {link-up #10}

While I'm Waiting...Waiting on...Wednesday link-up
Welcome back to the Waiting on...Wednesday link-up - a place where you can link up what you are waiting on, going through, making, anything - as long as it's family-friendly!  :)  After you link up, make sure to read a few others.  It's always fun to find new bloggers!

Since Mother's Day is Sunday, I wanted to feature a few of my favorite posts from last week geared toward moms.  I think we can all agree being a mom is one of the most sought-after, under paid, and tiring jobs out there but the benefits can't be beat!  Enjoy these awesome posts and thank you to everyone that linked up!  I can't wait to see what you guys have this week!
*How to Pray For Your Children by Michelle @ Grammie Time - We all know how important praying for our children is but sometimes it seems (well, for me anyway!) that I'm throwing my hands in the air and saying, "Lord, hear my prayers!".  I can't quite find the words, I just know I need to cover them in prayers!  Michelle gives us a great list of twelve prayers that we can pray for our kiddos and even includes verses to go along with them. This is something that you will want to hang on to!  Thank you for sharing, Michelle!
*My Mother's Day Wish List by Jess @ Sweet Little Ones - I loved Jess' list of things she would really like for Mother's Day.  Time with her family, homemade cards and Chick-fil-A (ok, ok, CFA is closed on Sundays but Jess figured out a way to extend her Mother's Day and that I love!).  Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day to me too, Jess!
*Life After 5... by Katy @ Queen of the Kings - For every mom that needs a giggle today - stop reading here and go read Katy's hilarious post about, well, life after 5pm with kiddos.  Moms everywhere will be fist bumping their monitors in agreement!  Thank you, Katy!  I still laugh while reading this and I've read it at least a dozen times!

To all the mom's out there - Happy Mother's Day (a little early!).  You guys rock!

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While I'm Waiting...

What am I waiting on?  Tonight is the night that dancers dream about - it's dance recital!!!  I can't wait to see the girls all glammed up and dancing on stage!  If you saw Holden you would think that she lives for this kind of thing but she gets extremely nervous.  She's performing with her hip hop group and I hope she kicks those nerves to the curb and has a fantastic night!  Hope will be doing a tap and a ballet number and, well, she's 4 and you just never know what you're gonna get!  :)  I hope they have a fabulous time and soak up being in the limelight!
I can't wait to watch them!

I'm so glad you stopped by!

Thanks for linking up!  Have a blessed day!  Gig 'em and God bless!

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  1. Much thanks Holly for the feature. What you said about "hanging onto it" well, I have it inside my bible and have had it there for years.

    1. You are so welcome, Michelle! Thank you for sharing with us! I will definitely print this off and refer to it often!

  2. Can't wait for pictures tonight.....hope you don't mind being in charge of taking them! My camera has sucked lately. Hoping a new one will be on it's way soon. And....I'm hogging your link up and posted two...couldn't decide! :)

    1. Me too! How about I bring my camera and you take the pictures?! :) Girl - you aren't hogging the link-up! You can post up to 3 :) See you tonight!

  3. To those two beautiful girls: break a leg! Momma, thanks for the party and enjoy the show! :)

    1. Thank you, Jas! I can't wait to watch them and the other dancers! So much fun! I'm glad to have you back! Hope you enjoy some of the other posts! Have a blessed day!

  4. Good Luck to your girls tonight! I bet they will do great.

    Thanks always for the link up!

    1. No problem, JulieAnn! Happy to host! And, thank you for your sweet words! I can't wait to see them on stage tonight! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Yay for recital day! Emmy is counting down until hers - she's much more excited about the red lipstick than the actual dancing! :) And thanks for the feature - I died laughing at my content versus the sweetness of your other two! :)

    1. I about fell on the floor laughing at your comment! Girl, you brought the real deal! :) You know we can pray all day and make lists of what we want for Mother's Day but it's the witching hours after 5 that separate the boys from men! :) I loved your post and agreed with it 100%!!! When is Emmy's recital? I love red lipstick too - I'm sure it all started with a dance recital back in the day! :)


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