Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites - so long summer!

While I'm Waiting...Friday Favorites - so long summer!
This is exactly how I've been feeling lately!  I've really been trying to soak up the last few days of summer but I'm constantly reminded that the first day of school is just a few short days away.  So, instead of focusing on the fact that we have mere hours left of our summer break, I want to focus on a few of my Friday FAVORITES!  And, since I skipped last week, I've got a few extras this week!  ;)

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I were at the pool.  Holden was swimming with Hope and all of a sudden she says, "MOM!  Hope lost a tooth!!!"  Craziness ensued - Holden was cheering, Hope was crying, and I was trying to figure out how in the heck she lost a tooth when we didn't even know it was loose! #thirdchildproblems We assumed she swallowed it so Holden left a note for the tooth fairy.  Traditions are my FAVORITE and I'm SO glad I ordered an extra tooth fairy box right when Hope was born because apparently they don't make them anymore!
While I'm Waiting...Friday Favorites - tooth fairy goodies
 each time the kiddos lose a tooth, the tooth fairy leaves a coin from another country that explains their tooth fairy tradition as well as a $2 bill
While I'm Waiting...Friday Favorites - tooth fairy goodies
To say I wasn't ready for this milestone was an understatement!  Hope is our baby and for her to lose a tooth reminded me that my baby isn't a baby any longer!  

{last minute getaways}
My mom surprised the kids and I with a last minute getaway to The Woodlands Resort last weekend.  It's only about an hour from our house so it was quick and easy to get to!  We did a little school shopping when we arrived on Friday and ended our day with a dive-in movie and room service!
 the girls were in shopping heaven!
 we even found a merry-go-round to ride - summer bucket list [check]!
Saturday was a great day - we never left our hotel!!!  We woke up early to grab a few loungers in the shade and spent the next 6+ hours having fun in the sun!
 yes, I know I'm in trouble with this one! #dramaqueen #sassfordays
if you find a place where a 13 year old AND a 4 year old can have fun - you've hit the jackpot!
Hope might be riding in the tube for this pic but she swam the "lazy" river no less than 324 times!
this is one of my FAVORITE pictures from our trip!
 when you have a big brother, you always have to be on the lookout for him to cannon ball splash you!
the hotel also had bikes we could use - family bike ride = bucket list [check]!
 Colby was helping me stand my bike up - which ended up falling down and knocking over his bike, Holden's bike, AND Hope's bike!
 I promise making smores was way more fun than this picture appears!  :)
 we ended our day at one of the hotel's restaurants - these kiddos are definitely my children - they were WAY more excited about dessert than they were for dinner! 
and even Marie was treated to dinner with us!
We had a fabulous time!  If you're ever in the area and need a family-friendly, fun place to stay - look no further!  The Woodlands Resort was our FAVORITE!

Ssshhh!  I have a secret!  Don't tell anyone but I have a FAVORITE middle child!  Ok, ok, I also have a FAVORITE oldest child and a FAVORITE baby too!  But, they love when I tell them they are my FAVORITE.
I snapped this pic on Sunday as we were doing a little more shopping.  I'm reminded that even though Holden is getting older, she's also still a little girl.  One that still loves stuffed animals and holding her Dede's hand!  This memory is definitely my FAVORITE!

{bible study}
While I'm Waiting...Friday Favorites - Seamless
Have you ever wanted to join a Bible study but didn't because, well, you didn't know enough about the Bible?  Have you ever wanted to know more about the Bible but got bogged down (and frustrated) after reading a few verses?  Angie Smith put together a fabulous Bible study called Seamless and she effortlessly (and with lots of humor!) shows us how the Bible is one complete story.  If you've ever wanted to dig deeper, learn more, and grow your relationship with Christ - this is the study for you!!!
A few months ago most of these girls were strangers to me - I feel completely blessed to call them friends now!  Sunday nights this past summer were definitely my FAVORITE!

{date nights}
On Wednesday night, Colby and I went up to his school to work the make-up night for schedule pick-ups.  Afterwards, I treated him to dinner at his FAVORITE restaurant, Grub Burger.  We had a great talk about the upcoming school year - goals, things he's looking forward to, ways I can help him, etc.  Date nights with him will always be my FAVORITE!

For the past six summers, we've joined other moms and kids to volunteer at our local food bank.  We meet every other week for a couple of hours.  Think kids can't make a difference?  This past summer the kids made 108 family boxes, 1,080 weekend food bags for senior citizens, and 1,080 backpack bags for kids in elementary school.  Giving back to our community tops my list of FAVORITES!
If you're looking for ways to get involved in your community, Kimber at Let's Do Some Good Today recently shared a post with many great ideas.  You can read more here.  

I love Kimber's heart for others!  She also brought my attention to an easy way that my girls can help others {see post here}.  Have you ever thought about all the crayons that you leave at restaurants?  Where do they go?  That's right - straight in the trash.  And, did you realize that crayons are not biodegradable?  So, all those crayons just sit in a landfill.  BUT, what if you could donate all your old crayons and someone could make them new again?!  Well, I've got just the place for you!
The Crayon Initiative
Check out The Crayon Initiative - someone who asked a simple question and is now making a huge difference!  We've already started a box to save our used crayons and will be making a donation soon!  We hope you'll join us!

Mondays are normally not my FAVORITE but this past Monday was one I want to hold on to.  It was the last Monday before the bigs are back in school.  We didn't do much - we ran a few errands and had lunch at my FAVORITE spot but we were together and that's always my FAVORITE!
photo cred goes to Hope :)

I hope you've had a week filled with your FAVORITE people, places, and memories and that you enjoy these last few days of summer!

Have a fabulous weekend!  Gig 'em and God bless! 

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  1. I feel like Hope looks in that picture about starting school. It has been fun traveling along this summer with your family and all you did with them. Enjoy your weekend and I bet you just blow the season of fall away!

    1. When I was looking for a picture - I just knew I had to use that one! That's EXACTLY how I feel about summer coming to an end! Thanks so much for following our journey! If there is one good thing about school starting it's more routine - I'm looking forward to a little extra me time to catch up with my favorite blogger friends! Hope you guys have a super weekend! And, good luck with school starting!

  2. You guys definitely ended summer with a bang! That resort looks perfect for a weekend getaway.

    1. It really was a great place to stay! I highly recommend!

  3. The Woodlands Resort sounds like so much fun, especially the dive in movie and smores! I've been meaning to try Grub Burger because I've heard such great things about it, but I haven't had the chance yet. Maybe we'll go there when I'm in College Station this weekend!

    1. What brings you to College Station? Definitely try Grub Burger - so yummy! Oh, and the milkshakes too!

  4. That resort looks fabulous! Happy Friday and welcome back to school for your kiddo's! also....its almost college football season and I thought you might like this little football tidbit: one of Texas A&M's highly recruited football kickers for 2016 (next season) is the grandson of one pf my parents best friend couples! His name is Braden for him!!

    1. Thanks, Kim! It really was the perfect little getaway! How cool is that about Braden?! We'll definitely watch for him! And, if he needs anything when he gets to College Station, we are happy to help! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a super weekend!

    2. I will be sure to let my parents know!!

  5. Holly, you packed more into this summer than I think I could have done in 5! You're such a blessing to your family, and me through this blog. I was so glad to find out what Gig 'em meant when I read your aggie post!
    This form won't let me comment as PurpleSlob. Errrr

    1. Hi, Melinda! Thanks for stopping by! I've learned that I have to be super intentional with my time - otherwise I'll sit around in my pj's all day! :/ And, obviously that's not a bad thing since I'm doing! :) It's been a fun summer! Thanks for letting me share it with you! I hope you're having a super weekend!

  6. Your post made me laugh. I was in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, talking to my 7-year-old, when I did a double take. She was missing a tooth! I asked her about it. "Oh, yeah. It fell out this morning." I started joyfully squealing. (People might or might not have turned to stare.) It made me laugh that after almost TWO YEARS of claiming a "loose tooth", when one finally fell out, she showed her brother ... and that was that. I was so happy for her - but definitely had the "Am I ready for this??" moments. What a fun summer you look like you had! And thank you SO much for the shares - I truly appreciate it!

    1.! That's funny! Oh, and Hope lost ANOTHER tooth this past Friday! What?! She told us Friday morning it was loose and by Friday afternoon, it was gone - also at the pool, eating an ice cream sandwich, AND swallowed. Craziness! I'm definitely not ready!!!

  7. That resort looks amazing and date nights are my favorite, too!


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