Friday, March 11, 2016

5 Craft Room Makeover Ideas

I'm 9 weeks in using the KonMari method of de-cluttering and organizing our home.  Each time as I clean out a space, I immediately start envisioning what I want the new space to look like!  The past week or two, I've been cleaning out our "office."  I put office in quotes because it's really anything BUT an office!  It was more of a storage room and it.was.a.mess!  Now that I'm going through everything, I'm dreaming of what I would like for it to look like.  Today I'm sharing five {dream} craft room makeover ideas!

Jamie from Raising Up Rubies has the most amazing craft room!  I have pinned this room no less than three separate times!  Isn't it perfect?  I love the large table with plenty of seating.  I love the draped garland hanging from the ceiling.  But, most of all, I love that it's so inviting!
Lots of craft supplies on hand but everything has a place!
Yes, yes this will!

Next up is Cassie from Hi, Sugarplum and her amazing organized craft closet!  I love that she utilized a space to fit her needs and made it beautiful all at the same time!
 A place for everything and everything in its place!

I found my next craft room inspiration on Houzz.  All of the flat surfaces had me swooning and dreaming of pulling out my scrapbook supplies!  I love that this room functions as a craft room but doesn't scream "CRAFT ROOM" when you look at it!

Would you look at the size of this craft room?!  WOW!  Karen from Sew Many Ways is one lucky girl!  But, Karen puts it in perspective - "It's not the size of the room that matters, it's the creativity that comes from those spaces that's important."  The massive amounts of storage is what drew me to this craft room.
I love how intentional she was in all her spaces!

Last, but definitely not least, is Jen from Craft-o-maniac's craft room.  Jen's attention to detail and using her space wisely was what drew me to her space.

We are hoping to begin work on my craft room towards the end of April/beginning of May.  I'm hoping that it's completed by the time the kids get out of school so that we can dream, create, repeat all.summer.long!  Wondering what other ideas have me pin-spired? Come check out my craft room board on Pinterest!

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  1. Seriously, in the world I live in, nobody has craft rooms like this. Even Michael's Craft Stores craft rooms for the kiddos does not look like these. A dream for sure. Love their ideas and to implement them and give up a room in my house just for crafting, my people would think I lost my marbles. Speaking from some who only does crafts for 5 year olds and even then, it is student led not teacher led. I love your picks Holly. Something to strive for if one is a crafter!!

    1. The girls and I are definitely makers! We LOVE making stuff. A dream like this is definitely a dream but it would be more of a craft/office room for sure!

  2. Those craft rooms are amazing, and also the size of my apartment!

  3. Dreaming of a day when I can have ANY of those craft rooms!

    1. It's definitely a dream - maybe our dreams will come true - one day! ;)

  4. ONE DAY I will have a house where I will have rooms like this!!!

  5. Ok Holly...I see the words for your next cuff: Dream. Create. Repeat
    Am I right or am I right? You're welcome! LOL Love all these spaces and to be honest, when we were remodeling this past year, I truly thought long and hard about turning Kelsey's old room into a craft room. Tony just wouldn't let me pull the trigger because I am not really a crafter or scrapbooker. LOL So while I loved the IDEA of one, it didn't suit us. But wow I can't wait to see yours!! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Girl!!! I was trying NOT to order another cuff for a while and now you planted the seed! :)

      I'm so eager to get started on mine! It won't be till the end of April but I've waited this long...what's a few more weeks, right?!


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