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The Kids Behind the Blog - June edition

While I'm Waiting...The Kids Behind the Blog - June edition
Today I'm joining Crystal from Hall Around TexasBeth from Our Pretty Little GirlsMeghan from The Adventure Starts HereJessica from Secrets of a SAHM, and Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me for their Kids Behind the Blog link-up, a monthly Q&A with the kids that made us mamas.  I absolutely LOVE these Q&A's with my kiddos! I've definitely learned a thing a two!  Sometimes I get the answers I'm expecting, but not always!  It's fun for me to share #thekidsbehindtheblog!

While I'm Waiting...The Kids Behind the Blog - May edition
the kids behind While I'm Waiting... - Hope-age 5, Colby-age 14, and Holden-age 11

This month's prompts are all about dad!  Here are the {very brief} answers my kiddos gave to this month's questions!  

1. What do you like doing with Dad?

"play basketball"
Colby especially loves to play when the loser must empty the dishwasher! ;)

"just me and him in the truck"

"play soccer with him"

2.  What was daddy like as a little boy?

"blonde and wearing bell bottoms"
Sadly, I couldn't find the exact picture Colby was talking about so this one will have to do! :)

"California Cowboy"
It's true!  He grew up rodeo-ing in Northern California.  His sport was calf roping.

"he liked to play gold fish"
Maybe Hope confused her love of "gold" fish with Mike's!

3.  What is daddy's favorite food?

"salad with meatballs and spaghetti sauce"



4.  What does dad do at work?

"checks emails, finances loans, plays Candy Crush"

"mostly plays Candy Crush - worky stuff on his computer"
Mike is going to DIE!!!  I tried to explain to them that dad works while they are not there.  But that when they do stop by, he let's them play games so it only looks like that's what he does!  

"work on his computer"

5.  What is your favorite memory of daddy?

"When Hope was born, he showed me her in the nursery and as I was looking at her, he knocked on the glass and showed me he was on level 5 of Angry Birds!"
I defended him earlier with Candy Crush but this is absolutely a true story!  Ugh!  I was about ready to throw his phone out the window while I was in labor! ;)

"playing basketball with the big bouncy ball

"when he carries me upstairs and reads me a story"
Bedtime has always been Mike's thing.  I love hearing him read bedtime stories to the kids!

Mike is a crazy awesome dad!  He always, always has time for his kids.  The minute he gets home, he changes clothes so that he can go shoot baskets with Colby, or work on training Maggie with Holden, or a game of "gold" fish with Hope.  I loved him before we had kids but seeing him as a dad made me love him even more (even if he does love a good game app on his phone!). ;)

Thank you so much to Crystal from Hall Around TexasBeth from Our Pretty Little GirlsMeghan from The Adventure Starts HereJessica from Secrets of a SAHM, and Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me for such a fun link-up!  Be sure to stop by and read all the other posts!  I'm already looking forward to next month's questions!

Thanks for stopping by!  Gig 'em and God bless! 

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  1. Every one of their answers made me smile. They know their dad! The phone thing when Hope was born...truly is a precious memory for Colby. Loved this!

    1. Haha! Precious memory for Colby - not so much for me! :) He was playing Angry Birds and I was one Angry Mama! hehe!

  2. Oh my gosh....I'm literally crying laughing over the Angry Birds story!!! I seriously will never forget how pissed you were about him playing that damn game while you were in labor. I had never heard the other piece from Colby. And could Mike have been any more adorable when he was little? But seeing this makes me think the kids all have a lot more of you in them than I thought because they don't look EXACTLY like him. :)

    1. Girl! I still get upset just thinking about it! :) One day...can I just get one day!

      Wasn't he adorable?! All that blonde hair! I think maybe they have my eyes so that's what makes them not look exactly like him!

  3. Your kids are so cute!
    Love all of the pictures!
    Thanks for hosting the weekly link up~

  4. Plays candy crush!!! Lol!!! Love their perspective! They are darlin'!

    1. It's true - you never know what you're gonna get when you ask these questions! :)

  5. Plays candy crush is hilarious! The one about the bell bottoms made me laugh, though! I love their answers!

    1. Thanks! We definitely never have a drought of things to laugh at/about over here! ;)

  6. Candy crush and angry birds... I'm dying!! And I love the idea of loser emptying the dishwasher!

    1. It's so funny to me what they clue in on! Never carting them around to endless activities, endless meal prep, or mowing the lawn - just the few minutes we actually have downtime! :) But, playing to not have to empty the dishwasher is always a great idea - even if the game takes longer than it would have to actually empty the dishwasher to begin with! :) Hope you're having a super Saturday!

  7. Your kiddos are so sweet and they sound like they have a great dad! Blessings!
    Blessed Messes

    1. Ah, thanks, Morgan! We definitely feel like the lucky ones! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Oh, these are so great! I need to do this with my own. :)

    1. Definitely! It's so fun to hear how they answer the questions!

  9. So funny!! Candy Crush, Angry Birds & Bell Bottoms...they kind of threw Dad under the bus a little. Hope they're planning a good Father's Day gift to redeem themselves. I loved reading their fun answers!

    1. Haha! They definitely did throw him under the bus! But, even through all the giggles, they know where their bread is buttered! He's a great guy and we're lucky to have him. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Your kids are the cutest! I love all their answers and its too funny how they think he only plays games at work. The love of a father is priceless and your kids are so blessed to have that. Hope your week is going well.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! We definitely are a blessed bunch! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!


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