Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend Recap - a little bit of everything!

Remember last week when the Aggies broke my heart?  Well, they went and did it again. #ugh  So, instead of focusing on the loss, I've decided to skip right over it and focus on the other parts of my weekend that made me smile!  Here's a little glimpse into our last few days!
On Thursday afternoon, we received a surprise box in the mail from our FAVORITE camp - TBarM!!!  Last month I entered a giveaway and much to our surprise, we won!!!  They sent us this fun TBarM blanket which Holden quickly claimed.  When I went upstairs Friday morning, this is how I found her bed. :)

 In honor of Veteran's Day, this cutie was decked out from head to toe in red, white and blue! 

 After school, Hope celebrated Lilly's birthday with a precious backyard tea party!

She couldn't wait to show me all her fun goodies!!!

My parents were in town so they took both girls with them to the Aggie basketball game.

With the girls taken care of and Colby at a high school football game, Mike and I decided it was the perfect night for a date! was a home football weekend for the Aggies and our town literally grew by an additional 100,000 people and everywhere was SLAMMED not to mention traffic was a nightmare.  So instead we opted to order pizza and watch Netflix!  Definitely not what we had planned but it turned out perfect!

Hope-y had a soccer game on Saturday morning and even scored a goal.  High fives all around!

Another soccer season in the books!

Shelly was heading to campus to tailgate before we were so she came and got Holden so that she and Carly could hang out together.

Oh, how I love these two!  They definitely have fun wherever they go!

 I had such high hopes that it was going to be a great game when I was walking into the stadium... There's just something about Kyle Field under the lights that is even more special than the rest!

This game had extra special meaning for Colby - it was his 100th consecutive home Aggie football game!  We started bringing him to games when he was 8 1/2 months old and have continued to bring him ever since!  I can't image being anywhere else on a Saturday during football season!

I even came across the football stub from his first game!  Crazy how much ticket prices have increased over 15 seasons!!!

 Since it was Military Appreciation Day, the Ags pulled out all the stops!  So many video clips throughout the game that had me fighting back tears.  We are so incredibly fortunate to have men and women all over the world protecting our freedoms!

Colby's friend, Garrett, went to the game with us.  A couple of weeks ago, Garrett tore up his knee - seriously, I'm not sure there isn't anything he didn't mess up - and is scheduled for surgery on Thursday.  Please lift up this kiddo in your thoughts and prayers for an easy and quick recovery!

 Sunday snuggles look like this at our house! :)

 We had a late lunch with Pop Pop and Dede before they headed home.  My poor dad fell on Thursday before they came to town.  A quick trip to the ER once they got here and we found out he had fractured his wrist. :(

 The weather was near perfection so after lunch, we headed out to the Aggie Corn Maze since it was the last day.

 Never too big to ride on the tractor!

 This might be the only picture I have of just the two of them since Hope was born!!!

Here's an arial pic of the corn maze.  It definitely was a lot harder than it was last year!

 I love tradition - and this is definitely one to add to the fall bucket list!

 When we got home, it was time to work on Hope's Turkey Project!  Her objective was to save her turkey from the oven by disguising him as something other than a turkey.  Crossing our fingers the Elmer's glue holds all these poms! :)  

Turkey Dressing - a turkey disguised as a gumball machine
I think the finished project turned out pretty cute!

And, this pic has nothing to do with our weekend but it was just too cute not to include!  I got a new rug for my craft room/office and Hope gave me her approval! ;)

How was your weekend?  I hope it was full of all your favorite people, places, and things!  
Have an extraordinary week!

Gig 'em and God bless! 

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  1. Your kids are so cute! I love the date night at home- best ones to have!

    1. Thanks, Keri!!! I think they are keepers! :) And, I completely agree - I'm smitten on at home date nights!!! Already looking forward to the next one!

  2. Aw I definitely felt your pain on Saturday. We watched that game and I just knew that all of you were so sad! Don't our football boys take us to ALL sorts of highs and lows??? Looks like the weekend was definitely a good one though (despite that game) and your weather looked good too. We are still waiting for Fall temps here. Supposed to get into mid 60's by Wednesday here. ABOUT TIME! Have a great week!

    1. I could see it coming... ugh! Our teams can definitely leave us feeling the highest of highs and the lowest of lows!!! We did manage to salvage the weekend! :) Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is fantastic!

  3. What a great weekend, crazy that so many people come into town to watch the game, the whole Friday Night Lights thing is so beyond me as it is not nearly the same out where I live, although I wish it was! Seems so fun with all of the excitement.

    1. It's insane the amount of people we can cram into our "little" town! Friday Night Lights is the best!!! Growing up in Texas it just seems the only way! So much fun!

  4. I have added Garrett, and your dad, to my prayer list. Be sure and let us know when they're better!
    Adorable turkey, Hope!!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Sorry about Texas A&M's recent falls. We are also waiting for our temps to drop as it is in 70's around here. That corn maze is pretty cool. Kyle Field looks really nice from the front. Nice that the Aggies pulled out the stops for the military.

    Here is little blog about Cal/Washington game for you to enjoy:

    1. Kyle Field is definitely my favorite place to be on any given Saturday!

  6. How fun that you guys won that drawing!! I bet Holden was ecstatic! And that gumball cute! So glad we had so much time together this week.

    1. It was such a surprise to win the drawing! Holden is currently snuggled up under the blanket! I think it will be the perfect alternative to a sleeping bag for her to take to camp! Thankfully, none of "gumballs" fell off - well, yet anyway! ;)

  7. I'm in denial about the game!! The corn maze looked so fun, that turkey is precious and that rug is amazing! (Oh, and those kiddos are pretty cute, too!)

    1. UGH!!! You guys will have to add the corn maze to your fall bucket list. But, be prepared - it's not cheap! Hoping to see you soon! I miss you!!!

  8. Those gloves that Lily got for her birthday are absolutely fabulous!! I bet she loves them. And the turkey project is SO clever!

    1. Aren't they awesome?! It was all I could do not to try them on myself! ;)

  9. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. :) And I love the turkey.


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