Thursday, January 19, 2017

a day in the life - my first day back at work

It's been over seven years since I've worked outside our house.  SEVEN!  That's a long time in the work world and, well, I'm definitely out of practice!  I thought it would be fun to do a day-in-the-life post about my first day back as a working mom!

My day started early.  Anyone that knows me knows I am NOT a morning person.  I laid in bed for 10 minutes before finally getting up!  (note to self - the anxiety I felt the whole drive to work wasn't worth the extra tenminutes!)

I stumbled into my closet where I like to do my quiet time.  Today there were lots of prayers!  Prayers over Colby as he's in Washington, D.C., prayers over the girls for a great day of school, prayers for Mike's safety as many roads in Houston were flooded, and prayers for me - for wisdom, balance, patience, and grace!  Lots and lots of grace!

Mike gets up at 4:20 am each morning to go work out (yuck!).  He got home a little after 6:00 am and we were able to touch base for the day and go over the "plan".  Then I started to put my big girl clothes on (it was a far stretch from my normal mom clothes!).

Just when I was almost ready, the girls surprised me with this sweet card and, yes, the tears started flowing!  Dang it, I had JUST finished putting on mascara!!!

After I pulled myself together, we were out the door!

Normally I take Hope to school and Mike takes the bigs.  But, since Holden's school is near my work, we've switched morning drop off duties.

A quick pic before we got on the road!

We made a trial run on Tuesday to see how long it would take me to get to work but thankfully today was a little quicker!

7:53 am and ready to tackle the day!

A few funnies that happened during my morning...  I didn't have a parking permit when I arrived so I needed to pick one up and then take it back down to my car.  Guess what I forgot?!  That's right - my keys.  Ugh!  Oh, and did I mention that I didn't have keys to the building?!  Yes, I had to call someone to let me in!

At 8:30 am there was a staff meeting for our ENTIRE department!  What a way to start my first day, right?!  Oh, and a little PSA - even if your ringer is off AND you have it on airplane mode, it will still sound if you have an alarm set!  Holy heck!  Yes, it happened to me! #makingfirstdayimpressions

All morning long I received the sweetest texts from friends!  They absolutely blessed my socks off!  But, I have to say my most favorite text came from Holden!

After the staff meeting, I had to meet with HR and then headed back to my office.  Look what was waiting on me!

Mike knows I love fresh flowers and these are gorgeous (my picture really doesn't do them justice).  Stargazer lilies are my favorite and they made my office smell so good!

In addition to my first day of work, I was also trying to keep up with Colby in DC! I received this fun picture and it looks like he's A-ok!

After a full morning of meetings and meeting a ton of people that I'm confident I won't be able to recall their names, I headed for lunch.  Since it was pouring down rain, I decided on a comfort meal of Chick-fil-A and I ate it in my car while talking to Mike!

The afternoon was spent trying to find the bathroom and break room (you know, the important stuff!), setting up email and looking over benefits.

I was surprised when I looked up and it was already quitting time!  I couldn't wait to get home!

Since Mike had a meeting to attend, the girls and I decided to eat out.  We were having a nice relaxing dinner till we got a message about Colby needed a new pair of boots!

He had literally started to dance out of his boots so Mike made a mad rush to Cavendar's and grabbed a new pair of boots for him.  Thankfully Colby's partner's dad is flying up tomorrow and can deliver them for us.  Phew!

But, getting a pic of these two to end my day, was just what I needed!  They will be dancing for Senator John Cornyn this morning and will be part of the entertainment at tonight's Black Tie & Boots Ball.  Wishing them lots of luck!

And, me too!  Here's hoping day two is an easy day with no forgotten keys or disruptive cell phone alarms!

Gig 'em and God bless! 

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  1. I thought about you yesterday! Seems weird to say that when we have never met IRL but I am so happy your day was good! Even with a few bumps! What are you doing now that you are back to work? Sound like an office job! And your outfit was super cute! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    1. You are too sweet! Thank you so much for thinking about me! You have no idea how much that means!

  2. Aw, what a sweet card. May God bless you in this new adventure. I always thought lunch was the best part of work.


    1. She is a sweetheart and she knows how to tug at my heartstrings! And, I agree, lunch is pretty great! ;)

  3. Loved reading about your day and I hope you enjoy your new job and that the transition will continue to be a smooth one!

  4. Tomorrow will be better!! You'll remember NOT to set any alarms!

    1. No bells or whistles went off today! ;) It was a good day!

  5. I hope today was a better day! And it's Friday, woo hoo! Way to start in the middle of the week, perfect! I get up at 4:20am too, haha, well I set the alarm for that, then push snooze once and get up at 4:29am, hehe. :) So happy it's the weekend. I hope you can get some video of C dancing away!

  6. Such sweet and thoughtful note for your first day. Aw, that must be really exciting and nerve-wracking a little at the same time.

    It's been only 2 years since I've started working at home, but not sure if I would want to work in a traditional office again.

    Good job!


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