Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Royally Waiting...

Royally Waiting... a weekly peek into your week link-up

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CELEBRATING - Last week we were busy CELEBRATING the last day of school (aka my FAVORITE day of the school year!).  Crazy to think that we now have a 10th grader, a 7th grader, and a 1st grader!!!  

 For the last few years, I've had a sign or banner waiting on the kiddos when they get home from the last day of school.  Since we have a new garage door this year, the hubs was against me taping a sign to it. #nocluewhy :)  I designed this super fun banner on PicMonkey and had it printed at VistaPrint!  I was super pleased with how well it turned out and the kids loved it! #itmightstillbehanging!

Everyone had something fun to do after school but later that evening we finally all joined back up at home for a little more CELEBRATING!

TWINNING - It's not often that your tween wants to wear something that you have but as soon as I got these fabulous Birks, Holden wanted a pair.  I love the flip flop version that she picked out!

MORE CELEBRATING! - After 113 days, I'm uber happy to report that we are finally moved back into our house.  Well, not technically {fully} moved back in!  Let's just say we have enough of our stuff that we can function! :) What's taking so long?!  Well, the items we left unpacked in our house are covered in dust and need cleaning before we put anything back in those rooms.  The items that are boxed need to be unpacked and washed.  And then we need to move all the items from our temporary house back to our house.  #forthelove #williteverend  There are many times when I question why we didn't just completely move to a new house! But, we love our house and really, really, REALLY love it now!  I can't wait to show you peaks soon!!!

WAITING ON... - This time next week we will be in Tennessee!  Colby's dance group will be performing at Dollywood and on the plaza of the Grand Ole Opry!  Our itinerary is pre-planned for us :( but what are some can't miss Tennessee spots that we don't want to miss?!  Share in the comments below!  

What are you WAITING ON?

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Royally Waiting...a weekly link-up
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Royally Waiting... a weekly peek into your week link-up

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  1. I had no idea that Holden and Alise were the same age! Loved seeing the snaps of you and Mike putting up the sign the night before!

  2. I'm waiting to come see that house and help unpack!!! Plus, I actually love doing dishes - PUT ME TO WORK!

  3. Ah, a trip coming up. I've always wanted to visit Loretta Lynn's home and museum.


  4. I'm not going to lie...I really wish I was going to be on that trip with y'all!! I know y'all aren't big country music fans but the country music hall of fame is fun. I'm sure you have googled lots of fun walls that are there and of course you should pop in Draper James! We really enjoyed driving over to Franklin, Tennessee too...cute little town with yummy restaurants and the drive was really pretty.

  5. Happy that you are back in your house.

    Have fun and good luck in Nashville. That is a place that I have always wanted to visit.

  6. How fun to have a banner waiting for them! Do you do a different one each year or the same one? Yay for being able to move back in...sort of!

  7. Love the Birks! So you! and Holden too!

  8. Today was my last day of school and I am so happy to welcome in summer! I absolutely love the Burks! Too cute!

  9. Too fun! I love the sign! Have fun in Tennessee!


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